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Details Concerning Our Plans to Break The World Speed Record for Steam Traction to be Announced Shortly!

Plans are currently well underway for a crowdfunding bid to scope the building of a brand new steam locomotive to a 21st Century design, using 21st Century tools, materials and techniques. Loosely based on Gresley’s LNER “K3”, the aim being to achieve a record-breaking 140mph on UK tracks.

The challenges to such a project are many - both technical and financial.  The K3 Steam Project is presently in discussions with leading academics, risk/safety specialists and others, with a view to creating a viable roadmap for achieving our objectives.

The record attempt is currently anticipated for 2020-2022, given that there will be a need to undertake extensive testing at progressively higher speeds - not just of the locomotive itself, but also to ensure there are no negative effects on the surrounding railway infrastructure.

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The K3 Steam Project

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